The decision to embark on your university studies in another country is a difficult one to make. However, by contacting George Matsik, you and your family will receive expert personalised help from someone who can relate to your experience, who will provide you with accurate information, and will support you throughout the entire application and admission process.

The personalised assistance for applicants to International Degree Programs includes:

  • Liaising between the Universities and the applicants
  • Providing general information to applicants and their families about the programs, the universities, accreditation / degree recognition, application guidelines, fees, the exam process, and exemption from taking the entrance exam;
  • Counselling applicants through all the different stages of the decision-making process;
  • Checking applicants’ documents for completeness, and forwarding their application to the Universities;
  • Monitoring the status of the applications;
  • Notifying applicants of the universities’ decision; and
  • Facilitating admitted students’ application for student visa and financial aid.

George also administers all aspects of the entrance examination, and helps applicants with their request for exemption from taking the entrance examination when appropriate. To assess whether you may be eligible for exemption from the exam or for more general information, please contact George Matsik.