Budapest University of Technology and Economics

Engineering Studies in English in the heart of Europe.

Budapest University of Technology and Economics, located in Budapest, Hungary’s capital, a lively metropolis in the middle of Europe, offers undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate programs in engineering studies. The University was among the first institutions in Europe to train engineers at the university level, and it has been offering its International Degree Programs since 1984 in English, German, and French languages. The University is particularly proud of its affiliation with several Nobel Laureates, among them the inventors of the computer, television, hologram, and the Rubik Cube.

The Budapest University of Technology and Engineering (BUTE) offers four-year B.Sc. and two-year M.Sc. programs in:

  • Architecture
  • Chemical and Bio-Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Economic and Social Sciences
  • Electrical Engineering and Informatics
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Natural Sciences
  • Transportation Engineering

Students may also pursue a Ph.D. degree which typically involves three years of individualized curriculum and research.

For more information about the academic programs, please take a look at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics’ academic bulletin.

Unique Benefits
The Budapest University of Technology and Engineering campus is located along the Danube River, and is easily accessible by public transportation. Its eclectic collection of buildings defines the cityscape on the Buda side of the riverbank, and has been part of World Heritage since 1987.

The sizable international student population at the various universities in Budapest provides for a rich social life outside the classroom, complemented by the wide variety of unique cultural events in Budapest. With the proximity of Ferihegy International Airport, and the availability of low-cost airlines, students also have the opportunity to go on affordable weekend getaways most anywhere in Europe.

College International has a database of 300 Budapest apartments, and will provide housing assistance to interested students at a minimal cost.

To find out more about the application process, and the eligibility requirements for exemption, please contact George Matsik.

Living in Budapest
Students can expect to spend anywhere from US$ 8,000 to 15,000 per year on their living expenses, depending on their living standards. Additional costs include textbooks (US$ 500-1000 per year) and insurance (US$ 280 per year).

To find out more about living in Budapest by visiting the city’s website.